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One school, two streams

One school, two streams. One multicultural environment with state-of-the-art facilities and talented and supportive teachers. FIS has it all.

Why FIS?

Find out why we are the school of choice for hundreds of international families in Hong Kong.

Do I need to be French or speak French? Not at all. FIS is a truly multicultural school, welcoming students from over 40 countries into two different streams. Multilingualism is at the heart of the school’s philosophy and we place great importance on language learning. 

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The application process

Picturing your child at FIS? Learn how to submit an application.

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Tuition fees, debentures and financial support
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Visit FIS

Considering enrolling your child in FIS? Then why not visit our campuses?
Visiting will give you a clear picture of the stimulating
and welcoming environment our students enjoy every day.

Virtual tours
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Make an appointment to visit our campuses
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If you would like your child to join us,
apply now for the best chance of success.

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the French stream

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