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Thank you for your interest in the French International School of Hong Kong (FIS).

FIS is a world-class school bringing together a team of over 400 dedicated staff.

With our two streams and 2,700 students from over 40 different countries, we are a truly multicultural school. We are open to the world and global in outlook. FIS is an enjoyable place to work, with an environment that is both professionally and personally rewarding.

We are looking for teachers who are passionate about their students, their subject and the world around them. Our mission is to help each of our students thrive at school and fulfil their potential, in close collaboration with their families.

We are also looking for talented professionals to join our vibrant team of administrative and school support staff. 

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4 reasons to work at FIS

A global institution with an excellent reputation in the Asia Pacific. FIS is a model for French schools abroad, with our two streams accredited by well-known educational institutions and held in high regard worldwide.

Close collaboration between teachers from both streams, enabling the development and sharing of innovative practices and teaching concepts, as well as a continuing professional development plan.

An inspiring work environment guided by the school’s mission, vision and values and featuring state-of-the-art teaching tools together with the possibility to bring large-scale projects to fruition.

An enjoyable lifestyle, with good work-life balance in a modern, multicultural city that is both cosmopolitan and close to nature.

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Émilien Thuriès

French stream teacher

...the strong sense of solidarity among colleagues and among students; teaching here is a real…

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Georges Papadopoulos

French stream parent

We love French and European culture, and we want our children to be immersed in…

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